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Put yourself on the map, all you need is a smartphone
Journeywatch is a powerful app & web integrated location service that enables you to see where your colleagues or friends are, based on their smartphone location, worldwide.

Start an account for your group now, for free.

Corporate accounts start at US$2 per user per month and provide you with group and individual accounts for our smartphone tracking network, together with up to date travel security information for up to 30 countries. SMS packages enhance the in-app emergency button and can be bought separately, as can itinerary travel tracking.

Journeywatch is the future of portable location networks for organisations.

For subscription enquiries please send us an email at:
The Journeywatch Guide
JOURNEYWATCH THE GUIDE Sign up for a free account. Download the app. GO TRAVELLING Check-in, comment and see your route on your map on See what other travellers are saying & CONNECT with them. Keep informed ON THE MOVE! Check Journeywatch travel advice updates. Use Notify to update folks back home of your GPS location when you check-in. If you're an organisation, use our travel support services. SAFE TRAVELS!
In this day and age, everybody should have the ability to reveal their location, anywhere in the world, to those in their group, at the touch of a button.

Work and travel in isolated and crisis hit regions gave us the idea for this platform. Whether it's just for routine communication or during a crisis, showing others where you are is useful, sometimes vital.

Journeywatch is mainly for organisations and groups, however we also have an open public network beta for individuals.